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PFA: Education


All Young People must stay in a full-time Post-16 Education Setting or Workplace Learning programme until the age of 18.
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Below is a brief overview of the types of Post-16 Education Setting:

Each Hounslow Secondary School has a Post-16 Centre, known as a Sixth Form. If you have a Young Person eligible to apply for Post-16 education or you would like information on admission procedures, please contact the school directly. If you would like information on Post-16 education in other authorities, please contact each authority directly.

Sixth Form Colleges:
Sixth Form Colleges offer the same provision as Sixth Forms but are not connected to a school. There are two Sixth Form Colleges in the regional area:

Studio School:
Studio schools are specialist providers that offer vocational training in Years 10 and 11 in addition to Maths, English and Science GCSEs. There are two studio schools in Hounslow:

You do not need to complete a Hounslow application form, please apply with the schools directly.

Specialist Post-16 Provision:
Hounslow have two Post-16 institutions that cater specially for Young People with SEND:

Special Schools in other authorities may also cater to Post-16 education. Below is a list of other Schools that have been used by Young People from Hounslow:

Specialist Independent Colleges:
A Specialist College delivers Post-16 education to Young People with learning disabilities and difficulties. Most students will have an EHCP, with their needs unable to be met at a general further education setting.

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Other Providers:
Other providers can offer courses to Young People with SEND. These courses include examples such as Life Skills, CV Writing and utilise high levels of support. Examples of other providers that Young People from Hounslow have used include:

Higher Education & University:
Higher Education begins at RQF Level 4 and often times takes place at a University. An EHCP will not continue when a Young Person begins a Level 4 qualification and will be Ceased accordingly. 

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