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Specialist Centres

If your child has special needs, they can usually get all the support they need at a mainstream school. If they do not have an EHCP then you apply to a school using the school admissions process.

All mainstream schools follow government guidelines about supporting children with special needs, and you can see this information in the local offer or SEN section on their website.
There is also more information on what schools should consider for SEN Support on the Local Offer. If you know your child will need extra support in school contact the SENCO before you apply if possible.
All the mainstream primary and secondary schools are listed on the London Borough of Hounslow website

Mainstream schools with specialist centre

If your child has more complex education or disability needs they may need to go to a school with a specialist centre. This option may be suggested in an education health and care (EHC) plan.

There are a range of Primary and Secondary schools with specialist centres in Hounslow borough for children and young people with a range of needs. Centres are small classes with specially trained staff and resources to support children with specific needs.  

Each centre has criteria for the type of needs they can provide support for. Admission to a specialist centre is managed by the SEN team, speak to your SEN case officer for further information.

Specialist Centres Primary

Each centre has a different level of interaction with the mainstream classes within the school, follow the links to each schools website to see how the centres support the children and level of curriculum. All admissions to centres require an EHC Plan and will be done by the SEN service, contact them on sen@hounslow.gov.uk

For children with a diagnosis of Autism or Social Communication Difficulties

Grove Road School - Hounslow 

Smallberry Green School - Isleworth

For Children with primary needs related to a diagnosis of Autism -includes childhood autism and atypical autism 

Feltham Hill Infant and Nursery School - Feltham - KS1 age 4-7

St Richards - Ocean Centre- Feltham

Strand on the Green - Chiswick

Crane Park - Hounslow

For children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs

Lionel Primary School - Brentford 

For children with : Moderate Learning Difficulties

Hounslow Heath School - Hounslow West 

Hounslow Town Primary School

Norwood Green Infant & Junior School - Norwood Green

For children with a complex Visual impairment

Westbrook Primary School- Heston  

For children with a complex Hearing impairment

Norwood Green Infant & Junior School - Norwood Green

For children with primary needs related to their Physical Disabilities

Hounslow Heath- Hounslow West 

Specialist Centres Secondary 11+

Young people with a primary need of Autism

Brentford School for Girls - Brentford

Young people with a physical disability

Young people with a hearing impairment

Young people with Speech, Language and Communication Needs

Lampton School - Hounslow