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Education for Children with AutismĀ 

Education for Children with Autism in Hounslow

If you think or someone has suggested your child maybe showing signs of Autism more information including what steps to take can be found on the Concerns about my child development page.

Following a diagnosis of Autism there is a range of support and advice available for children and families within Hounslow.

You will be given a pack of information as part of the diagnosis process however we understand it can be some time after diagnosis that you may want information and support.

In response to feedback we have listed by age. -Let us know what you think either by the feedback button or email.

If you feel services are missing or you know of other support that is available please email : thelocaloffer@hounslow.gov.uk

If you want to add your service please create an account - using the button at the top right of the screen.
Searches in the Family services directory and Local offer can also be filtered by the Autism box on the left hand side of the screen.
The full range of services and support can be found in the Autism in Hounslow Booklet.