The EHC Plan process
Before submitting a request for an EHC assessment check the criteria for assessment.

Week by week guide for parents
Week 1. Your assessment request is received by the the special education needs (SEN) team.

Week 6. The Local Authority will decide if your child or the young person, may have special educational needs that will require provision under an education, health and care plan (EHCP) and inform you of the decision.
If YES, professionals are asked to carry out an assessment and provide advice.
If NO, you will receive a letter advising of the reason and next steps and the process to appeal.

Week 12. The Local Authority will consider the reports and decide if it is necessary to issue a DRAFT EHCP for your child or young person and inform you of the decision.

Week 14. If yes, you will receive the DRAFT EHCP and given 15 days to review it, request any changes, and, if you wish, discuss the contents at a meeting with the Local Authority.
You will be asked to tell the SEN Team which education institution you would prefer your child or young person to attend and whether you would like to request a personal budget.
if no, you will receive a letter with the reasons why and the appeal process if you disagree.

Week 16. Any agreed changes to the DRAFT EHCP will be made.

Week 18. The DRAFT EHCP is sent to the education institution you have chosen to obtain their views. If there is a chance that the chosen placement may have a good reason to refuse your child or young person or if the Local Authority has another reason why we may not agree to your chosen placement, we will also consult one or more alternative options.

Week 20. The FINAL EHCP is sent to you, to the education institution named in the plan, and to any agency responsible for delivering the provision set out in the EHCP.

At all stages of the assessment, the appropriate clinical commissioning group (CCG) and social care team are kept informed of the decisions made.