About education, health and care plans

If you feel your school’s SEND programme is unable to support the needs of the young person, you can request a more detailed education, health and care assessment.
This assessment could lead to an education and health care plan (EHC plan).
What an EHC plan does:
  • details exactly what the special needs are
  • reflects the choices and ambitions of the young person
  • sets out what support is needed to meet the outcomes of your plan
  • includes health and care needs where they’ll support the child’s education

Who can request an EHC plan

  • parents
  • young person between 16 and 25 years old
  • someone who works in a school or post 16 education

Before requesting an assessment

  • make sure the nursery or school has done the four stages of action and undertaken their own plan. Find out what SEN Support should be done first.
  • Check, does the young person over16 want to continue in education?  

How to apply for an EHC assessment

The complete EHC process

The complete process can take 20 weeks to complete. If you require help with it you can contact SENDIASS or there are other local and national organisations that can help.