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Hounslow Parent/Carer Network Information Session

Wednesday 1st June 11am-12.30pm

Hounslow Council is launching a new project called The Hounslow Parent/Carer Network.

The network are Parent/Carer Champions working together as a collective to support other parents whose children may be at risk of violence, exploitation, school exclusion and challenging behaviours. The network will provide a holistic community approach to safeguarding children and young people.

We are currently looking for Parents/Carers in Hounslow who are passionate about improving the safety and wellbeing of children/young people in their community and empowering other parents/carers who need support.

If you would like to attend the Online Information Session please email rebecca.evans@hounslow.gov.uk to receive a Microsoft Teams invite or call 07980 768640 to find out more.

Parent/Carer Champions are parents/carers of children and young people who are passionate about improving the safety for young people in their community. They will bring a wealth of diverse life experiences, and solutions which are invaluable to the community.

They volunteer on a regular basis to support and empower local parents in their area by offering advice, peer support & providing information about services. Parent Champions will use their knowledge of local agencies/organisations to assist parents who may have difficulties or be reluctant to access services.

Parent Champions will be a bridge between the local authority and parents, so that we can provide a whole community approach to safeguarding children/young people and reduce preconceptions about statutory services. They will raise awareness about child exploitation and safeguarding to contribute to safeguarding children/young people.