Hounslow Youth Council

Inspiring Change, Influencing Decisions

The Hounslow Youth Council is an incredible force for positive transformation in the community. Their primary goal is to inspire change and influence decision-making processes. By working closely with decision-makers, they actively address community problems and create solutions that benefit young people like you. Their unwavering commitment is to improve the lives of every child and young person in Hounslow.

Unveiling Habits, Trends, and Challenges

Understanding the realities faced by young people is crucial. The Hounslow Youth Council dedicates itself to gathering valuable data and insights into the habits, trends, and challenges that shape your world. By uncovering this information, they comprehensively understand the issues affecting young individuals in Hounslow.

Acting for Positive Change

Action is at the heart of the Hounslow Youth Council's endeavours. They lead consultations, giving young people in Hounslow a powerful voice and ensuring their opinions are heard and valued. Additionally, they spearhead youth-led campaigns, activities, and events that engage both young individuals and decision-makers. Through these initiatives, they create a platform for meaningful dialogue and drive tangible outcomes that improve the lives of young people in Hounslow.

Empowering Decision-Makers, Empowering You
By working hand in hand with senior decision-makers, the Hounslow Youth Councillors make a real difference in Hounslow. They provide decision-makers with the right data and insights to make informed choices that positively impact the community. In doing so, they ensure that the voices of young people are considered and prioritised.
Skills, Friendships, and Bright Futures
Being part of the Hounslow Youth Council offers tremendous personal growth opportunities. Councillors learn new skills, form friendships that last a lifetime, and receive a remarkable reference for future work or further education. It's an experience that shapes individuals and empowers them to become leaders of change.

Join the Movement
To join, learn more about the Hounslow Youth Council and stay connected with their impactful work:
Text 'I'm in Hounslow  your name + your date of birth + your postcode' to: 07511 177 765
Discover the incredible work being done by the Hounslow Youth Council and witness the power of their initiatives in creating a better future for every young person in Hounslow.