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Early Help and Safeguarding

What is Early Help?

Early help is about providing extra support at an early stage for you and your family. This helps to prevent small problems from getting worse. These could be difficulties with parenting to health to education to support for teenagers.

Many services in Hounslow offer early help including schools, children’s centres, health and education services and more. If you feel able, speak to a someone at one of the services you already know. It could be your GP, health visitor, children's centre, school or nursery. Ask about the support available.

Or you can browse the services here and contact the service/s directly.

What happens next?

After asking for support, the most appropriate service/s within early help can be identified. Some of the services will need a Child & Family Assessment/Notification Safeguarding Form (CFAN) to be completed. Other services within Early Help may have their own referral form or procedure.

Have self-referred to a service in Early Help and are unsure whether you have been accepted? Contact the service directly to enquire.

If you were referred you for support they will be able to let you know on the progress.

Not met the criteria for a service you have approached?

Discuss this with the person you are working with. (e.g. a member of staff at your child’s school, your GP or your Health Visitor). They will be able to support and or signpost you to other services that may be able to help.