Bullying in or outside a school

Bullying in a school

If you need to make a complaint about bullying that has happened at school, you will need to:
  • See if you can solve the problem with the school informally. If this does not work,
  • Follow the school’s complaints procedure. This should be on the schools website.
  • If your complaint is not resolved you will need to write to the school governing body.

Bullying outside of school

Head teachers have the legal power to make sure pupils behave outside of school premises. (state schools only). This includes bullying that happened anywhere off the school premises, for example:
  • on public transport
  • on the child's way from or to home
  • in a town centre.
If the bullying is from others you will need to report the instances to the police. They will be able to tell you what you need to do or how they can help. Some forms of bullying are illegal and should be always be reported to the police. These include:
  • violence or assault
  • theft
  • repeated harassment or intimidation, for example
    • name calling,
    • threats
    • abusive phone calls, emails or text messages
  • hate crimes

Other organisations that can help